Ardmore Middle School closed for week due to water damage

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Ardmore Superintendent Kim Holland says Friday morning a fire retention pipe burst, flooding the entire west side of the middle school.

"The cafeteria, the library, some of our hallways, our gym floor - they're cutting it up and taking it out now," Holland said. "It was totally ruined."

The middle school shut down this week giving students some time off.

"We've had some wonderful offers but we've not been able to put together a plan to put 700 kids around the community to provide an adequate instructional setting," Holland said.

Now it's maintenance crews, mops and about 270 fans filling up the hallways of the school.

Director of Operations Chris Kennedy says it could take until the end of summer before all the repairs are finished.

"Pipes ran for roughly 15 to 18 minutes before we could get everything shut down and now we are in the cleanup mode," Kennedy said.

Kennedy says this week they are drying out the building, pulling off baseboards, drilling holes into sheet rock and ripping out the gym floor that is holding about 11 thousand of gallons of water underneath the floor board.

Kennedy and Holland both say the damages would have been worse had it not been for the teachers that came in to help that morning.

"The teachers are actually what saved the building," Kennedy said. "The teachers had joined together they had (mops), they had brooms, they had cake pans. They were doing everything they could do."

Holland says he's hopeful students will be back in school next week but a final decision will be made later this week.

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