Clear the lists; social media helps teachers fulfill classroom wish lists

Published: Aug. 8, 2019 at 5:58 PM CDT
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Amazon teacher wish lists have become a popular way for educators to get what they need for their classrooms for the upcoming school year.

Sherman elementary teachers said that they used the hash tag "clear the lists" and received boxes full of school supplies.

"It just started pouring in," Sherman elementary teacher Melody Kimbrell said. "Every day I race home to see what's at my door and I know I shouldn't but I'm just so excited for my students."

Kimbrell isn't alone.

A social media movement on Facebook and Twitter has created a way for teachers to get what they need for the school year.

"I actually received an invitation to join this group and then all of a sudden this hashtag clear the list took off," said Sherman music teacher Priscilla Burns

Burns said that she created a wish list about 10 days ago, and has already received the majority of her list.

Other teachers, former students, family members, and anonymous donors have purchased items for her classroom from her wish list.

"We're very blessed to have our budgets and very appreciative to those budgets," Burns said. "I utilize every bit of mine, and you know there's always little things extra that you would like to have so a lot of times teachers pay for those out of their pocket."

Celebrities have even gotten involved in the movement.

The Casey Donahew band has raised almost 55 thousand dollars for teacher wish lists.

But Kimbrell said it's not about the money.

"It's just about loving one another," Kimbrell said.

She said she looked for teachers affected by the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton to buy for.

"The ones who have had the traumatic incidents lately that needed the extra love and support," Kimbrell said.

To donate to local teachers, visit the links below: