Coal County veteran returns from 'Walk of Life'

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COAL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - For 22 weeks, three Veterans walked across the entire country spreading awareness about suicide amongst veterans.

Organizer Joseph Cox says he began the 'long walk' after a friend who served committed suicide.

"Start doing something about it get people more active so we can see less of this on the news,"Cox.

Cox and Adam Lingo (both army vets) began their journey on June 22.

Their former comrade Russell Collins saw what they were doing on social media and joined the walk when they reached Oklahoma.

"My original plan was I was going to go up there for 3 days, you know go walk go visit with them some hang out," Collins said,"It turned into four, and it turned into five and turned into a week and into turned into two weeks, and it became more than just visiting with friends."

Collins says 22 veterans commit suicide every day.

"We're actually losing more people to suicide than we ever did in you know Iraq," Collins said.

That's why the group made their journey in 22 weeks.

They reached our nation's capitol on November 11th and celebrated at the Arlington National Cemetery.

"It was really awesome, it really invigorates your faith in the country," Collins said.

Collins tells us they walked 15 to 20 miles a day to make it to D.C., the men were later honored at the Redskins game.

Now that the walk is complete, the men have started a 501 c(3) charity called the Brotherhood Bridge to spread awareness about suicide.

Collins says he wants veterans to know they aren't alone.

"Being able to talk with someone, to actually socialize with someone is what can really make a difference," Collins said.