Coal county woman gets puppies stolen

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Centrahoma, OK
When Logyann Battles came home Thursday night, she found an empty dog kennel, and all twelve of her dogs were missing.

"You can't trust people these days ... that's the bottom line, you never know who you can trust," said Battles.

Battles says she and her 8-year-old daughter left their home on Thursday afternoon to run errands.

But when they returned, her back door was kicked in.

"It was just me and my little girl, we were kinda nervous ... I didn't ... I didn't want to go inside and I didn't have a gun on me at the time ... so we just kinda hung out until the sheriff's department got here and then I noticed that the dogs were gone," Bates said.

Battles says..when the mother of the litter had the puppies, she planned to sell all but two of the purebred rottweilers ... at $1200 dollars each.

She says some people already made deposits on the puppies, now she has to return that money.

"You know it's just hard to believe that people don't have any more respect for other than what they do these days," Battles said.

"We take all thefts seriously...and it is actively being investigated right now as we're speaking," said Coal County Sheriff Bryan Jump.

"I've talked to some of the neighbors since ask if they've seen anything suspicious yesterday afternoon when I was gone and I posted on Facebook that..the puppies have been stolen," said Battles.

Battles says she was confused when she realized nothing else from her home was taken besides the puppies.

"The backdoor had been kicked open but there was cash laying on the kitchen counter that was still there, there was guns in plain view that were still there....I mean they didn't take anything," said Battles.

Whoever did it, could face felony charges.

Battles ask that anyone with information contact the Coal County sheriff's department.

She's also offering a reward to whoever finds the pups.

Coal and Pontotoc County deputies are investigating to find the animal thief.