Coalgate Schools proposes new school bond

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COALGATE, Okla. (KXII) - "Everyone's trying to go in and out of the same area at the same time," Sophomore Jace Stephens said.

Stephens says lunch is his least favorite time of the day.

"It's been crowded in our lunch room we sort of need a bigger area because there's not enough room for all of us to fit in our lunch room we have now," He said.

"There's a line that usually goes out the door and sometimes into the hallway," sixth grader A.D. Mauk said.

That's why Coalgate Superintendent Greg Davidson wants the voters to let the district borrow 3.55 million dollars.

"Our current cafeteria is 48 years old and it was built to serve about 200-300 kids per day--one meal per day," Davidson said, "we currently serve between 600-700 students per day and we serve three free meals every day."

If the bond passes, property taxes will increase by 11 dollars and 36 cents per 100 dollars of tax paid, for the next six years.

They would also renovate the old current cafeteria into five new classrooms.

Davidson says the most important part of the new cafeteria, will be a community safe room.

"We do not have a safe place on our campus for our students in the event of severe weather so we need a safe room probably more than anything," Davidson said.

Fourth grade teacher Kim Barnes says she's experienced severe weather at the school.

"The ceiling fell in, just the ceiling and we had our kids out in the hall," Barnes said.

The new cafeteria would hold about 400 students at a time for meals and when the tables are cleared out, about 1400 people could take shelter there.

"It's definitely very important for your children's safety and just for everyone," Mauk said.

The election is on January 9.