Coalgate couple's app helps mothers tackle breastfeeding worries

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COALGATE, Okla. (KXII) -- One of the most popular apps for families on the market now was designed by a Texoma family.

A Coalgate, Okla. couple developed a 21st century way to help moms breastfeed.

Lindsay Standridge gave birth to her son Harrison five months ago.
She said she struggled to breastfeed her son, but wanted to ensure he got the nutrients from her milk, so like most mothers Lindsay started pumping.

"He just wouldn't latch and it was just, it was really tough."(Lindsay)

Lindsay said she had to pump almost every 2 hours, often times losing track of when and how she'd already pumped.

Her husband Dylan took notice.

"He saw me all the nights like I was crying I mean any woman who has had a baby that's tried to breastfeed knows how hard it is, I mean if they're not successful especially," Lindsay said.

So Dylan developed an app exclusively for Android users, to help other moms with the same issue.

"It was just like an ah-ha moment, where we thought about this app and so for three months straight he worked on it," Lindsay said.

Dylan says, Milk Stack quickly started trending, and became the top paid app.

"Me being on the global data analytics platform for Walmart, I decided these are very small calculations smaller data and I can go out and build this myself," Dylan said.

Dylan says the app calculates when women should stop pumping, how many days left until a woman is finished, and includes a freezer stash log.

"We do some calculations analytics on when you'll be done based on how much your baby's eating, averages for the week and averages on how much you're actually freezing per day.

The couple says moms as far as Australia and the Middle East are using the app.

"They love it," Lindsay said.

And Dylan says it all started to make mom's life easier.

"The world's evolving the way we live every day, everything's getting closer and closer to digital and we are going to be one of the generations that help push it," Dylan said.

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