Interim Colbert police chief admits to neo-Nazi past, resigns

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COLBERT, Okla. (KXII) - Interim Colbert Police Chief Bart Alsbrook confirmed via text message Thursday that he has resigned as chief after we reported a series of stories showing his connections to neo-Nazi and skinhead groups.

Colbert Police Chief Bart Alsbrook responded by text message on Thursday, telling News 12 that he has resigned his position as chief, and that he used to be part of what he called the "Racist Right."

The Colbert city council accepted Alsbrook's resignation at a special called meeting on Friday.

We first reported this past Friday, Bart Alsbrook, the Colbert interim police chief's name and Denison address was linked to ISD Records and NS88 Videos, two websites that sell media and memorabilia aimed at skinheads and Neo Nazis.

Alsbrook claimed to be the victim of identity theft, that a group of skinheads beat him up and took his wallet at a heavy metal concert in the 1990's and have been using his name ever since.

Both sites were taken down after we asked him about it.

On Wednesday, early 2000's skinhead documentaries featuring a man named Bart in Denison, Texas, surfaced.

In those videos, Bart is shown selling racist media online and talks his involvement in a skinhead group named Blood and Honour and a neo-Nazi group called Combat 18.

Alsbrook told us this via text message, "There is a letter that I submitted to the HR director."

And when we asked him about his Neo-Nazi past, he suggested that he had changed his life and said, "Of course I renounce those beliefs."

Alsbrook says he's paid a heavy price for his past saying, "My life is utterly destroyed, there's nothing left."

This is how Colbert residents reacted to news that Alsbrook had stepped down.

"I feel like its the best thing for the town," said one woman.

"I'm very happy that he's resigned," said a Colbert man. "I wish the council that hired somebody like that would resign and get some people interested in getting our city to be a decent place to live in our city again."

"I'm glad he's gone," said another woman.

Alsbrook said he has left the skinhead life behind.

"You took an awesome success story about a man who walked away from the racist right and turned around and started helping people, all people, and turned into a tragic story," he said in a text message.

But locals In Colbert have a final message for Alsbrook.

"This town is here for everybody, people of all races, all religions, all colors and we need to have people running this town who will support all of us," said a woman.

"Talk to the lord Mr. Alsbrook," said the Colbert man. "He decided two, three thousand years ago what lives mattered and that's all lives."

Alsbrook declined our request for an on-camera interview.

The city tells us they will no longer give anymore statements regarding Alsbrook, but they are set to discuss Alsbrook's resignation at a special council meeting Friday afternoon.

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