Colbert Police Chief appears to be flashing obscene gesture with teen girls in viral photo

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COLBERT, Okla. (KXII) -- "Outrageous," said Colbert resident Judy Noel.

"That's disgraceful," said local Charles Davis. "What kind of police department does that?"

It appears to show the Colbert Police Chief David Petersen flipping the bird, in uniform and in his patrol car with two teenage girls giving the same gesture. The girls and the 36 year-old chief were also seen in other pictures with a caption using the f-word and the number "12" which is slang for police.

"Our kids are worth more than that," said Noel.

"Just sheer disappointment that she would even pose for a photo like that," said Jaret Tatar.

Tatar is one of those teenage girls dad. Tatar said the chief is showing disrespect to his daughter and the uniform.

"This picture is totally never been altered," said Tatar. "People have speculated it's been altered but there are other photos of him and the two other individuals and they haven't been altered."

This isn't the first scandal to hit Colbert Police. Earlier this year, former chief Frank Burrola claimed he was wrongfully terminated for not properly clocking in and out of work.

And in August, former chief Bart Alsbrook admitted to having a neo-Nazi past.

Following Alsbrook's resignation, News 12 learned Petersen had an arrest record, including an embezzlement case that was later dropped.

Peterson was fired from the Pushmataha County Sheriff's Office last year, allegedly using the county vehicle for personal use.

Petersen declined to comment following that report and declined to comment regarding this photo.

This is what someone who answered the phone at city hall told us when we asked for a comment:

"We won't give News 12 any comment whatsoever."

And then they hung up.

The girl's father said he doesn't think his daughter has any disrespect for police, but that the gesture was just a bad decision.

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