Colbert Public School campus police officer might lose job

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COLBERT, Okla. (KXII) - Colbert Public Schools might start the upcoming school year without a school police officer.

"This is this is my job and I enjoy doing it, it's just really frustrating," said the Colbert Public School resource officer Bobby Brashier.

Brashier said last week the Colbert Police Chief told him his job is on the line.

"He said he'd been receiving complaints about me that I hadn't been turning in my reports," Brashier said.

Brashier has worked for Colbert schools for the past 14 years and said as part of his job, he's suppose to send reports that include police reports taken at the schools, class presentations, juvenile arrests and more to the police department and to city hall.

But Brashier said about two years ago a former police chief told him he no longer needed to send in the reports.

"And nobody has asked for them ever since," Brashier said. "I've been through, I know three chiefs since then and none of them have asked for them at all."

"Surprising, we don't quite understand that," said the Colbert Public School Superitendent Jarvis Dobbs.

Dobbs said in light of the recent school shootings, they need law enforcement on campus more than ever.

"He's a police officer and he could protect our kids and our staff," Dobbs said.

Brashier told News 12 he will submit the reports if that's what it takes.

The superintendent and Brashier both said they haven't heard from anyone on the city council, but he said the council will vote on whether to keep Brashier's position at the next meeting in June.

"I want to keep my job," Brashier said. "I want to keep my kids safe and I want to work here. I feel like what I do matters."

We went to Colbert's City Hall Thursday morning, the water billing clerk told News 12 no one could speak to News 12.

News 12 was also denied to speak with any council members.

News 12 also asked to speak with the police chief but was told he couldn't be contacted because he was out on patrol.

News 12 was also denied to speak with the Mayor, who also works for Colbert's Public Schools.