Colbert family's home destroyed by fire

Published: Dec. 20, 2018 at 6:13 PM CST
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Twylla Comeaux says she was planning a trip to take her daughters to Dallas to work at a soup kitchen on Christmas Day, but after a fire rendered her home a total loss, she says those plans will be put on hold.

"Not something you can ever plan for. I was just in shock," said Comeaux.

Comeaux says she was on her way back from church with her 19-month-old granddaughter on Tuesday morning. When she walked inside, she smelled smoke coming from her bedroom.

"My bedroom was smoky, so I shut the door and I ran and grabbed the baby and the bag and I shoved her outside and screamed for my mom, my parents live next door," said Comeaux.

Colbert police say the fire was likely caused by an overheated extension cord.

Comeaux lives there with her granddaughter, two daughters, 17 and 14 years old. No one was home when the fire started,and no one was hurt.

Most of the family's belongings were destroyed in the fire.

"We're blessed. We're alive. That's what we're going with, that's whats keeping us going," said Comeaux.

The family says they're building a home in town, but it won't be ready until March.

In the meantime they'll stay at her grandparents house next door.

"I try to stay positive when I can. I guess it's what you have to do if your house burns down, you just have to stay positive. There's really not much you can do," said Schemmel.

If you would like to donate clothes to the Comeaux's, you can drop them off at the Colbert city hall.