Colbert fire destroys home

COLBERT, Okla. (KXII) -- A home in Colbert off Chickasaw and River Road was destroyed Saturday night in a massive fire that lasted more than 10 hours.

"When we got here most of the house was engulfed," David Conner, an Achille firefighter, said. "The majority was back on the east end."

He said all that was left were the exterior walls.

The firefighters were able to rescue two dogs and two cats, but said three dogs didn't make it out. The family wasn't home at the time.

"So we just did what we could with the limited water supply that's out here, no hydrants or anything," Conner said.

Another round of flames flared up Sunday morning while the state fire marshal investigated the cause.

"At this time he doesn't believe it's intentional, not arson or insurance fraud," Conner said. "It was an accidental fire."

The exact cause is still under investigation.

"Thanks to Cartwright and Colbert for helping," Conner said. "All the extra help we can get is always appreciated."

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