Colbert water rescue team saves 16-year-old near Carpenter's Bluff

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COLBERT, Okla. (KXII) Colbert EMS and Fire Rescue had their first water rescue of the season last night.

"It's usually during the Spring time. It slows down later in the year because everyone is trying to get out when it warms up."

Colbert EMS Assistant Chief, Bob Marks, says last year they worked 5 water rescues.

Friday night they had their first of the 2018 season.

"We were toned out by Kemp Fire Department to go and assist them with a water rescue for a 16-year-old female that was stranded on an island."

Marks says the 16-year-old girl made a $5 bet with friends that she could swim out to an island on Carpenter's Bluff but was unable to make it back.

"The river is not the place to swim or bet. If you want to swim I'd go to the lake and wear life preservers."

We're told the girl and her friends were visiting from Princeton.

The Colbert Water Rescue team was able to get her back to shore safely with their air boat.

But Marks says that's not always the case.

"The current is going to pull you under. We have pulled people out of the river before. You can't fight the current. It will drag you under."

Marks says with the weather getting warmer, he wants to make sure people stay safe.

"Don't let yourself get in a position where you need help. If they call, we're going to come but there are sometimes where we're not fast enough."

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