Collinsville man spreads holiday spirit through home light show

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COLLINSVILLE, Tex. (KXII) -- A Collinsville man is spreading Christmas joy through his synchronized holiday light show at his home.

Ken Kemp is the Collinsville Elementary School Principal. But this time of year, he's better known for his synchronized display of Christmas lights at his home on 411 West Hughes Street.

"People will just park and watch the songs cycle through."

"Ashley McDaniel: We just live right down the road there and we've got to come by and look at these lights every night, right?
Wyatt: Yeah
Ashley McDaniel: Because he just loves the music and the lights."

Kemp says Christmas is by far his favorite holiday.

"My love of Christmas and decorating came with my mom. We kind of struggled growing up but she always made Christmas special and my dad always made sure we had lights on the house."

For more than 10 years, Kemp has programmed thousands of these lights to music. Something he works on throughout the year.

"Any light or group of lights can be turned on or off individually or made any color."

Kemp says he begins putting all of these decorations up after Halloween and turns them on Thanksgiving Day.

"To me it's a way of giving back and when you see the kids faces light up, when you see people enjoying it, it makes it all worth it and that's why we do it."

He says there are about 23 different songs in the rotation. And to hear the music along with the display of LED lights, all you have to do is tune into 107.7FM.

"There is a song for everybody. There is some classic rocks songs and some traditional Christmas songs."

Kemp says although he's lost track of exactly how many lights he has and how much money he's spent, his electricity bill more than triples in the month of December every year. But he says it's all worth it.

"My favorite part is walking out side and talking to folks and watching the kids' faces light up."

The lights will stay up until News Years Day.

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