Commissioners say Oklahoma might take millions from road funds to fill budget gap

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"They needed money and they seen it sitting there and they took it all," said Marshal County Commissioner Chris Duroy.

He said the county needs six million dollars in state funds to improve the roads, but with Oklahoma's recent 215 million dollar budget shortfall, Duroy believes those road funds might go towards that budget gap.

"The governor decided when she signed all that stuff to fill all those holes with CIRB money, that's county road and bridge money," Duroy said.

Duroy said this is the fourth time the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges fund, also known as CIRB, will go towards fixing the state's budget.

This time it might be 130 million dollars taken away from local counties that would have fixed 170 roads and bridges.

"We're just trying to be really transparent, really open to the public," Duroy said. "Our constituents are probably wondering why we promised these roads because we have them in our five year plan and so we told our constituents we will work on these roads this year, this road that year and now we're not."

Duroy said diverting the money will be a safety issue for drivers.

"We use these CIRB funds to do these big road projects and that's the big roads, that's the highways people drive on everyday," Duroy said. "And they're rough and they're getting rough well they're getting worse, a lot worse I'm sorry to say."

We reached out to the governor's office for comment on this story and have not heard back.

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