Commissioners, sheriff establish Carter County as 'Second Amendment sanctuary' county

CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - The Carter County commissioners approved Sheriff Chris Bryant's declaration on Monday to establish Carter County as a Second Amendment sanctuary, protecting law abiding citizens from new laws that could infringe on the right to own and bear firearms

"This here is to reassure the folks out there in our county that this is a very important topic, not only for me, but as well as for the county commissioners and district attorney," Bryant said.

Carter County joins more than 10 other counties in Texoma who have established themselves as sanctuaries, including neighboring Johnston and Marshall counties, who made the declaration last week .

Bryant said he has received positive feedback from people in the county, including Lone Grove resident Bradley Gaya.

"I think it's meant for the people to protect themselves in case, you know, other people are having firearms and attacking them and things like that," Gaya said.

Bryant said he is a supporter of the Second Amendment and wants to reaffirm his duty to the citizens to defend their constitutional rights.

"We want to make sure, I want to make sure that they are protected," Bryant said. "And by me doing this, this does allow a sense of security for them as well as know exactly where I stand."