Community comes together to help those affected by Denison fire

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - The community is coming together to help three families who lost everything when their Main Street lofts were destroyed in Wednesday's fire.

Tracy Realty, Rack City Archery and First United Bank are taking donations to help the families, businesses and first responders affected.

"Our beautiful historic city suffered a very very tragic loss," Linda Anderson said.

Anderson said when she heard about the fires, she knew she had to do something.

She heard Tracy Realty was taking donations, so she brought clothes and money in, but said she plans to bring in more.

Three families, six people total, lost everything in the Main Street fire Wednesday.

"A big part of it is because I know people would do the same for me," Anderson said.

One of the first people to bring money was George Mason, who lives on Main Street

"Those poor people need help and I gave what I could," Mason said.

Tommi Homuth, the owner and broker of Tracy Realty, rented the loft apartments to the families.

She said she started to rally behind them immediately, getting the word out on Facebook.

"Thoughts and prayers are nice, but we really need to take action," Homuth said.

Homuth said donations started pouring in before they even opened their doors thursday morning.

She said over $2,000 worth of money and gift cards had been donated to the families, along with clothing and household items.

Owner of Rack City Archery, Keila Neal, said they are handling the larger donations.

"We have a 10,000 square foot building and we only occupy half, so we have plenty of storage space to take on those large bulk items to help with this effort," Neal said.

"In a while, these families are going to need the basic items that one needs to set up a household, for now they need the emergency items," Anderson said.