Community gives back to charitable Ardmore teen

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- Ty Stahlbusch was born with spina bifidia.

"I am paralyzed from the knees down," Stahlbusch said.

But that has not stopped Stahlbusch, 18, from doing what he loves.

"The devil will try to come at you like crazy but you just got to keep positive and trust in God and everything will be all right," Stahlbusch said.

The Plainview High School senior is on the wrestling team, sings at his church and has spent hours raising money for the Cavett Kids Foundation.

Stahlbusch even raised money to purchase bulletproof vests for the Ardmore Police Department.

"He's gone out and help people and in turn they helped him when he needed," Stahlbusch's aunt Marci Campbell said.

Campbell says the family took to social media to ask for help after his wheelchair's tires went flat and brakes stopped working.

"He is in that wheelchair up to about 18 hours a day -- they wear out pretty quick" Campbell said, "It's like us not having our feet so he had to have it."

And after about three months of fundraising events and community donations, family, friends, even strangers had raised about $8,000 -- enough to purchase a new wheelchair and repair the old one to use it as a backup.

"I was rolling on flats and everything and so learning that I was getting a new wheelchair was pretty awesome," Stahlbush said.

"It was great to know this community reaches out and helps one of their one," Campbell said.

Stahlbush says his new wheelchair will help him get around more easily, just in time as he prepares to graduate high school and go to college.

"He's an inspiration to everyone that meets him and you don't forget him once you meet him," Campbell said.

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