Community holds benefit for honorary firefighter fighting cancer

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COALGATE, Okla. (KXII) - "[He's] always full of life, and laughing and joking," Fire Chief Aaron Blue said.

"He looks forward just to getting up and coming up and talking to people," Police Chief Kenny Pebworth said.

That's how first responders describe Marky Gwinn.

The 41 year old suffers from mental disabilities, and is an honorary Coalgate firefighter, but he's now battling stage four pancreatic cancer.

"We're dealing with it the best we can--number one--we have no doubt that God can heal him," Justin McKinney said.

The fire and police departments held a benefit lunch to help with medical bills.

Coalgate fire chief Aaron Blue says Marky loves being at the station.

"He comes to the department from time to time and helps out with sweeping and keeping the floor clean and taking care of trucks, and every once in a while he'll roll out on a call with us," Blue said.

Marky's nephew Justin McKinney says the community support means a lot.

"It's a blessing to be in a small community because everybody cares," McKinney said.

"We take care of each other," Blue said.

Marky was diagnosed earlier this month.

McKinney says if Marky's not at the fire station, he's probably out supporting Coalgate Schools.

"He's a town mascot, he goes to every game baseball, basketball, football it doesn't matter he's a true Coalgate Wildcat fan," McKinney said.

Anyone who wants to donate can contact the fire department or the Shamrock bank.