Community raises money for family injured in Mead home explosion

MEAD, Okla. (KXII) - On Oct. 16, a propane tank at a Mead home exploded, leaving three people injured and destroying their home.

Bill and Wanda Tolbert in their hospital room after their home exploded in Mead in October. Courtesy: Patricia Ferrell

But on Sunday, the community of Mead came together to host a silent auction and lunch for the family at the Emanuel Baptist Church in Mead, all proceeds going to their healing.

Family member Patricia Ferrell said her mom and dad, Wanda and Bill Tolbert, and her sister Debbie, were inside the home when it exploded.

All were injured but are recovering.

"They've been in the hospital, hospice care ever since," said Shawn Springer, a fellow mason with Bill Tolbert who organized the fundraiser.

Springer said he's been keeping up with the family ever since, and decided to organize the silent auction and lunch to give back to them.

"It's great," Springer said. "You have a small community that all come together and work together to a common goal."'

Ferrell said her mom was able to attend the event. She's been recovering from her injuries in a nursing home with husband Bill, who wasn't able to attend after shattering his hip.

"He was doing all his own yardwork before this happened," Ferrell said. "And now he's in a wheelchair."

Ferrell said she took mom Wanda back to her home for the first time since the explosion. She said Wanda thanked God for surviving.

Ferrell said the unwavering support from the community makes it easier on everyone.

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