Community raises funds to help Ada family dog

ADA, Okla. (KXII) - Samantha walker says a year ago she and her family adopted Duke from the Pontotoc Animal Welfare Society.

"His left front paw was broken and whoever had him didn't get it fixed," Walker said.

Walker says Duke's crooked paw didn't stop him from roaming around outside their home in the county.

She says Duke would always come back home except for one day last month.

"There is a hog problem, there are coyotes," Walker said. "We were pretty convinced that something got him."

One morning, as Walker was getting ready to take her kids to school, she says they found Duke outside their home.

Walker says she noticed Duke was missing his right back paw and his nails looked like they'd been filed down from clawing at something.

She rushed him to a local vet.

"The vet said from his experience it looked like Duke got caught in a trap and he had to chew his own foot off to get home to us," Walker said. "He went through all of that pain to get home to us."

Walker says the vet was able to clean the wound but advised that Duke would need to get the whole leg amputated.

The stay-at-home mom of five kids knew she didn't have the funds needed to save Duke.

She started a Gofundme and began selling items she owned including clothes and shoes.

"It was really hard for our family," Walker said. "I was willing to do whatever I had to."

Walker says thanks to family friends and the community they were able to raise close to $800, which covered all of dukes medical bills.

Walker says she's never found any traps near her home but did notice another three legged dog in her neighborhood.

Since Duke's accident, Walker says he's now an inside dog.

"He has this little nub and it's adorable and we just love it and we 're just happy he's home," Walker said.

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