Community rallies behind Van Alstyne girl battling cancer

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VAN ALSTYNE, Tex. (KXII) Van Alstyne community members are showing their support for a local girl battling cancer.

"This weekend we were planning on donating our time at Romano's."

John Kealer and Daniel Kelley are a part of Operation Relink. It's an organization dedicated to bringing veterans back together with the ones they were deployed with.

"We take guys who served together and we reunite them on all expense paid trips," Kelley said.

The Thursday through Saturday fundraiser at Romano's Pizza in Van Alstyne was originally planned to raise funds for their organization.

But last week, they heard about 8-year-old Katelyn Davis and her battle with aggressive cancer.

"They're giving her about a 10% chance," said Katelyn's dad Bobby Davis Sr.

"It's inspiring. It's something I don't think any kid should have to go through," Kelley said.

"Battling cancer is something that everybody has been touched by. In some way or another. Maybe not directly but indirectly," said Kealer.

That's why the men of Operation Relink are now raising money for Katelyn and her family instead.

"Everybody on the board unanimously voted to give 75% of the proceeds to the family to help out," Kealer said.

"It means a lot because I live in the community," said Al Alshawish, Romano's Pizza owner. "I've been in the community for 17 years, they support me and the least I can do is support them back."

Something that Katelyn's dad says means more to him than words can express.

"The love and support that we have received from this community here in Van Alstyne and the surrounding areas has just been so overwhelming for us," said Davis.

Katelyn's family will be deciding whether to start another round of chemotherapy next week.

The proceeds from the benefit will go towards Katelyn's medical bills.

The fundraiser is set for Thursday through Saturday at Romano's Pizza in Van Alstyne.

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