Company producing trailers two days after ICE raid

Published: Aug. 30, 2018 at 11:14 PM CDT
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"We are open for business. They are making trailers today. They are shipping trailers today," said Gene Besen, Attorney for Load Trail.

Just two days after being shut down by dozens of immigration and customs agents, Load trail is producing trailers and filling orders.

But their attorney says they know it's not business as usual.

"In the midst of all the craziness, the conversation in the room was, 'how do we help employees?'," said Besen.

ICE confirms more than 160 people were arrested Tuesday and on Wednesday, many of them are still in custody.

Employees we talked to say families are doing everything they can to scrape together the $7500 for their loved ones' bonds.

The company says they have started a fund to help cover food and bills for those families.

"The Thiessen family cares deeply about this community. They give back, they're generous, they give to every cause they can," said Besen.

Load Trail does have a history of giving.

In July alone, a company spokesperson says they gave $10,000 each to six fire departments and made donations to seven other nonprofits.

"As far as people wanting jobs, I can tell you that Load Trail has been continuously hiring for the last four years," said Besen.

He says the people who were arrested will remain employed unless they cannot show two forms of ID upon their return.

An ICE spokesperson says he plans to release a detailed list of what he called 'admins' who are also facing charges after Tuesday's raid.

Load Trail maintains that every employee is treated equally and considered family.

"There is no exploitation and there is no taking of American jobs," said Besen.