Concerned neighbors say dogs are killing calves in Fannin County

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FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII)-- "We noticed cattle dying and shortly after that we started seeing dogs out in the pasture here and I even seen one walking down the road with a little calf bone in its mouth."

Since January, County Road 4430 has been the scene of at least seven young calves' deaths.

One young bull had to be put down after it had its ear torn off during an attack.

At first the source of the attacks was a mystery.

A nearby resident, Ken, looks after the cattle for the land owner said, "And then yesterday, my neighbor gets up and sees four dogs standing over a dead calf and came out and took a picture of one of them."

The picture shows a dog looking at the neighbor taking the picture, after the calf had already been mauled.

Another dog lives at a nearby home, people we spoke to say that the homeowners are usually never seen.

On that property, a vertebrae from a calf was found laying on their front yard. A Fannin County Sheriff's Office spokesperson says that dog was not involved in any attacks.

"And now its kind of living at an address down here, and I'm not sure how well they are taken care of."

The person who owns the land and cattle tells us that he filed a report with the Fannin County Sheriff's Office and they are investigating.

Fannin County Sheriff's Office says that the one dog that killed a calf was shot by a resident.

"You wouldn't want them to ever attack a human and you just don't know, once they have blood on their hands or whatever you want to call it."