Construction completed on new dispatch center in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - "It sounds like tax money well spent," resident Jeremiah Rowe said.

The dispatch center in Ardmore got an $80,000 upgrade and Capt. Keith Ingle says it's all thanks to funds from the GAPS Tax - a sales tax used by police.

"We don't ask the citizens for anything different or any more, it's just money that's already there and available," Ingle said. "We just budgeted through GAPS."

The upgrade doubles the size of the workplace for dispatchers.

"We took out a hallway and two walls and made two large offices into one large working space for the entire dispatch center," Ingle said.

It also included new equipment like computers, radios and putting up more antennas to strengthen the signal when dispatch communicates with police over the radio.

"It's better not only for the citizens of Ardmore because they're able to get their calls through dispatch a lot quicker, they're able to get dispatchers out to the scene but it's also a safety issue that we've had for years about the radios not being as well as they should be," Ingle said. "Now the officers are able to hear the dispatchers."

An issue even residents noticed.

"That's definitely a situation that I've heard people say," Rowe said. "They've had trouble where it always seems like when you're listening to a recording that it's not very good audio - I'm like, how do they understand people when they're listening to that."

Ingle says their next step is to hire two more people to create a full staff at nine dispatchers.