Construction set to begin on collapsed Denison exit

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII)- Vinny Villard lives in Oklahoma, and works at the Randell Treatment Lab in Denison.

He says he has had to take a longer route to get to work since Exit 71 closed in 2015.

"I gotta go all the way down to highway 84, come around, turn around, come on the service road and come right back. It puts about an extra five minutes on my trip," said Villard.

TxDOT says the road was closed because the giant hole.

A Plano contracting company was given 213 working days to complete the project, and TxDOT says the project will cost $1.6 million.

The project will fix problems on both the north and south side of Randell Lake Road, a total of one mile in all.

Construction will begin Friday.

"We'll be repairing whatever is wrong with the road, we'll be pulling that old pavement, reinforcing underneath, putting in new pavement, and rebuilding that slope, probably putting up a retaining wall of some sort," said TxDOT spokesperson Tim McAlvey.

Villard, and a few of his other coworkers who commute from Oklahoma won't have to 'burn as much gas' for too much longer.

"Wish I was living in Sherman," said Villard

TxDot believes the project will be completed in March of 2020.