Controversial 10 Commandments monument back up in Tishomingo

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TISHOMINGO, OK "It's been a long journey," Ivan Richeson said.

It started in October 2015 when pastor Ivan Richeson and Johnston County veteran Stan Sewell convinced county commissioners to put the 10 commandments monument on the court house lawn.

It went up, a day after a similar monument was removed from the State capital building by a court order.

"When the world closes a window, God will open the door for you," Stan Sewell said.

It was removed in December 2015 after a court ruled it violated Oklahoma's state constitution that separates church and state.

But a local business owner allowed the monument to be placed on his property over the weekend, right across from the courthouse on Main street.

122 people showed up to the unveiling.

"Those are our values and I just couldn't believe there was a problem in the first place," property owner Roger Clark said.

"This is just a good guideline for living whether you're a Christian...or you're just a person living, it's a good standard to go by and we're so proud to have it on Main street now," Sewell said.

Residents we talked to say, they appreciate the monument's location.

"I think it's great, I almost wish my property was centralized where everyone could see it," Corey Darr said.

Richeson says the fight isn't over.

He says, he hopes House Bill 2177 passes the senate, so monuments like this are allowed on government property.

"This is a part of our history..this isn't about religion, this is who we are," Richeson said.