Controversy surrounds Colbert police chief's firing

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COLBERT, Okla. (KXII) -- The city of Colbert has no full time officers after their police chief was fired Friday.

Just over a year after he was hired as police chief, Frank Burrola says he was called to city hall Friday and fired.

"They are supposed to go in front of a council meeting," said former Chief Frank Burrola. "They can't just come out and fire me."

"He called me to come up because he was having a problem," said Councilman John Poss. "When I got there he was being terminated."

Poss says he met with Mayor Roxanne Reed and Burrola to find out what happened.

"There were some complaints filed with human resources stating that he had not done a schedule and he suffered from insubordination," Poss said.

"They said I got a third write up for not clocking in and out," Burrola told News 12. "But I got called out that night and when I get called out I don't clock in I just keep track of it and write it down."

Burrola claims the write ups weren't signed when they happened and were signed by the mayor on Thursday. He says city officials and council members were trying to run his department.

"They wouldn't let me hire anyone and the reason behind that they didn't want the buddy system," Burrola said. "They didn't want me to hire someone that I knew or had worked with before."

"It looked like to me that Frank was not able to do his job in a professional manner because he was being controlled by human resources and a council member," Poss told News 12.

Burrola plans to hire an attorney to fight the city for wrongful termination and harassment.

"They have to be stopped," Burrola said. "If not, it's going to continue to go on and on with the next person they bring in."

Our calls to the mayor and councilman Lewis Presley were not returned. City hall closed Friday after News 12 showed up asking questions.