Convenience store armed robbery caught on camera

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Police are looking for a suspect in an armed robbery.

It happened Wednesday night in a Sherman convenience store and it was all caught on camera.

Store owner Gurmail Dhesi says he's going to be training his clerks and he'll be giving them guns.

This video shows the man walking inside, pointing his gun at the clerk, then taking the entire cash register drawer and running away all in a matter of seconds.

"Brand new store, neighborhood store, next door to the police station," Dhesi said.

Dhesi owns a few convenience stores around town and opened one a couple months ago on Walnut Street near the Sherman police station.

He said he was shocked to find out his employee was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday night.

"She was counting money because she fixing to close and he pulled a gun to her," Dhesi said.

Surveillance video shows the suspect walking into the store after 11 p.m. aiming his gun at the clerk, and taking not just the money, but the whole register drawer.

Dhesi said the woman backed away out of fear, which Sgt. Brett Mullen said is the right response.

"Don't try to put yourself in danger protecting your property," Mullen said.

Police said he covered his face, wearing all black and a yellow do-rag.

"Unfortunate thing to happen but at least nobody was injured," Mullen said.

Dhesi said the robber got away with over $2800 in checks that were in the drawer, but only about $60 in cash.

He said the man ran to King Street, then to Montgomery Street.

But he's still on the loose, so he wants to warn other store owners.

"Maybe the guy will run away from here, maybe he hit another store," Dhesi said.

"Unfortunate to see somebody put themselves at such risk of their freedom and everything just for a small amount of money," Mullen said.

Dhesi said his employee will work mornings for now.

He said this armed robbery is a first for one of his stores, but now he plans to train and arm workers.

"So they can protect themselves. That's all we can do," Dhesi said.

The owner is offering a $500 cash reward if someone gives information to police leading to an arrest.

Police said the suspect could face a charge for aggravated robbery.