Cooke County residents being targeted in phone scam

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COOKE COUNTY, Texas (KXII) -- Cooke County residents have been getting threatening calls from people claiming to be with different county departments.

"Friday morning I got a call saying that I had a hot check out and they could resolve it if I gave my credit card number."

Amy Bland, from Gainesville, says she got a call Friday from a number that appeared to be from the Cooke County Sheriff's Office.

She says the man introduced himself as an investigator.

"I fell for it because it said it was from Cooke County Sheriff's Office. So I went ahead and gave them my credit card number," Bland said.

Bland says the caller told her the hot check was from 2009 and although she rarely uses checks, she thought it could have been a check she had forgotten about.

"I didn't know what to think because I mean he made it sound so real. He said it was over two thousand dollars with warrants and court costs and they were going to have me charged with bank fraud," Bland said.

But she says she began to feel uneasy after she hung up the phone.

"Later on that night me and my husband were talking about it and I'm like you know I don't feel comfortable so I canceled everything," Bland said.

Bland says after much debate, she decided to go to the Sheriff's office first thing Monday morning to ask if she had anything on her record.

"I have no warrants or nothing in Cooke County," Bland said.

She said as soon as she found out it was a scam, she filed a report with the Gainesville Police Department and was able to cancel her card before the scammers took her money.

"I wasn't thinking. It's easy to fall for it," Bland said.

Cyndi Davis, from Valley View, says she received a similar call.

"I said no, hung up the phone and immediately called the Cooke County Sheriff's Office and was told it was a scam," Davis said.

The Gainesville Police Department and the Cooke County Sheriff's Office are investigating and say they will never ask for money over the phone.

They advise people to be cautious when taking calls from unknown numbers, and don't give out personal information.

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