Cooke County woman celebrates 100th birthday with 100 roses, several honors Friday

Published: Oct. 4, 2019 at 10:25 PM CDT
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A Cooke County woman celebrated her 100th birthday in style Friday morning.

A greeting from The Oak Ridge Boys was just one of many surprises for Elvira Flusche.

Flusche's nephew, Steve Eberhart, is the general manager of KGAF radio in Gainesville.

He had her on the morning show to celebrate her 100th birthday, which is on Sunday.

Eberhart said he made a promise four years ago to get his aunt 100 red roses if she lived to be 100 years old.

"Now, if you turn 101, it starts over with one rose, just so you know," Eberhart told Flusche as three large vases of red roses were presented.

However, the surprises did not stop there as Flusche was given proclamations by the mayor of Lindsay, where she lives, and a Cooke County judge declaring Oct. 6 "Elvira Flusche 100th ear of life celebration day."

Flusche also got letters from Gov. Greg Abbott and even Donald Trump.

"Your American century is a proud part of our nation's remarkable story," Eberhart said while reading the presidential letter. "We are inspired by your continued strength and spirit as we join your family and friends in celebrating this milestone."

Flusche was married 58 years and has four children, 11 grandkids, 26 great grandkids and 15 great great grandkids with three more on the way.

Flusche said staying active and trusting "the man upstairs" is the key to a long and happy life.

"Well, I'm just thankful to God that he gave me this long life and I hope that I'm worthy of it," Flusche said. "I thank all of my children and Steve and his family. I've been very blessed to have two families, two sets of children. I'm very proud of him. All of them."

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