Council makes decision on Colbert school police officer

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COLBERT, Okla. (KXII) -- After a scare he'd lose his job, Colbert's only school police officer is set to stay.

It all began about three weeks ago, officer Bobby Brashier said the police chief told him he may lose his job because he wasn't turning in his reports. Monday night, Brashier's job went in front of the council, where some residents came out to show their support.

"We feel very strongly about security at the school," Mary Thompson said.

Mary Thompson has lived in Colbert for 46 years and taught at Colbert Public Schools. She's seen school resource officer Bobby Brashier's work firsthand.

"He is a part of that school system, the children trust him, he knows them, he knows their families, you just feel better that he's there," Thompson said.

Brashier said two years ago, a former police chief told him he no longer needed to send in police reports. Since then, he said no one had been asking for them.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, he said he's told his job is up in the air and the council would review his contract.

But at the council meeting Monday, Mayor Roxanne Reed said there was never any intention of firing Officer Brashier.

"I don't know how it escalated, I don't understand that, but this is a small town," Reed said.

Brashier declined to interview after the council made a decision to keep him as a resource officer. He said he did receive a new contract.

"They sign it off, we sign it off and that's that," Reed said in the meeting.

For Thompson, it's much more than a new contract. It's a sign of safety for the children in her community.

"I strongly believe in officer Brashier. It sounds like they have a plan, and I'll be eager to fin out how that's resolved," Thompson said.

Brashier will now review the contract, take it to the school and then the council will sign it into action. The city of Colbert did not provide any details of the agreement.