Counterfeit bill passed at Paris restaurant

PARIS, Tex. (KXII) - Paris Police are reminding folks to be mindful of the cash they give and receive this holiday season after more reports of counterfeit money, including one Monday night.

The latest happened at McDonald's on Lamar Avenue.

Officers were told that a black man in a white, four-door passenger car passed a fake hundred dollar bill.

When he was confronted by an employee, he drove away.

Lieutenant John Berry says cash transactions tend to increase around the holidays.

He says look out for these things when handling cash:

1. Making sure that the security bands are in place in the currency
2. That the areas of color shifting ink are present
3. Make sure that there are not symbols printed on the money in a foreign dialect
4. Be mindful of areas on bills that have been marked out with a marker of some sort
5. If you receive more than one of a single denomination make sure that the serial numbers are not the same
6. Make sure that the bills are not marked “For Motion Picture Use Only”