Couple arrested for fleeing Southmayd home naked after house fire, assaulting cops

Published: May. 16, 2018 at 5:50 PM CDT
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Two people are in jail after they were seen naked walking away from their house that had just caught on fire.

Neighbors tell us just days and hours before the fire, the family sold all their furniture and were giving away money just before they were seen walking naked near their Southmayd home.

"It was definitely a breaking point for them," said Joshua Meek.

Meek said he has known his next door neighbors Michael and Shannon Ouellette and their 13-year-old daughter for four years. Their kids would often play together.

"They were very good people, very warm people, helpful people," Meek said.

But recently, he said they were getting rid of all their stuff and acting odd.

"They went and sold every one of their personal belongings," he said. "They went to the park and literally were handing out $100 bills."

Hours later around 2 p.m. Monday, their home caught fire.

They were seen walking away from it naked.

When police tried to stop them, "I was charged at and a scuffle began," said Southmayd police chief Chad McKee. "At this point I ended up backing off."

Meek said he thinks they were getting ready for the end.

"I think they were ready for a new start," Meek said. "They believed today was judgement today."

The couple were arrested for attacking a police chief and an officer, evading arrest and endangering their child.

The 13-year-old was was flown to a Plano hospital.

Meek said he had never seen them do drugs but both were tested for drugs and the results are pending.

"The way they were acting is not like a normal person would act," McKee said.

"I can do nothing more than turn my head, it was shocking as hell," Meek said. "I've seen a lot of crazy things and that hit the top three list."

"Everyone pray for them. They were good, honest people," he added.

The state fire marshal is still investigating an official cause.