Couple speaks out after being attacked in home

Published: Jan. 21, 2020 at 10:50 PM CST
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Robert and Jenny Faulkner were taken to the hospital on December 27th after they were violently attacked. Jenny had minor injuries. Robert was is critical condition. He has spent the last 25 days in the hospital. The first 12 days were spent in ICU, and 5 of those, in an induced coma. He came home for the first time since the attack Monday night.

"Just ain't nothin' you can do," said Robert Faulkner. Jenny Faulkner recalled, "It all seemed like it was in slow motion."

The Faulkners have lived on Mohawk Drive for the past 28 years. In the time they've lived in Sherwood Shores, they say they've never heard of something like this happening.

"Our house has always been open to everyone, we never lock our doors. But from now on, they will be locked and we won't let nobody, open the door to nobody if we don't know them anymore," said Robert. The morning of December 27th, he answered a knock on the door.

"I thought he was needing help I actually opened the door, was gonna open the door to see if I could help the man. And then all that happened and you don' don't know what to do anymore. You're afraid to do anything anymore," shared Robert.

They say the man forced open the door, and began beating Robert. Jenny watched it all happen, stunned.

"I thought I just need to find a gun, and then I thought I can't pick up a gun, he'll take it away from me," said Jenny.

"And all of a sudden I seen him kicking her and I couldn't get up, I couldn't do nothing. It just happened so quick. And that's the worst thing just see him kicking her," said Robert.

Jenny says she pretended she was dead so the man would stop. The man left without taking anything.

"He didn't want anything, he just wanted to kill us. And he let us know, he just was quite happy about it. And I do think that's the reason he walked out and shut the door so quietly, he thought he'd killed us both," said Jenny.

She says as soon as he left, she dialed 911. Police and EMS responded quickly and took the couple to the hospital. Grayson County deputies arrested Delbert Perdue nearby under an hour later. Doctors didn't think Robert was going to make it.

"He's had cancer now for a couple of years, they've been treating him for that. So that was the other thing I kept thinking, 'oh my gosh all of this on top of this cancer.' He just comes out of it looking for his next fishing trip," said Jenny.

Jenny and Robert say they are just grateful to be alive, though Robert still can't walk by himself. Perdue is being held in the Grayson County jail on a $1.1 million bond.