Cow jumps over man in miles-long police pursuit

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PARIS, Tex. (KXII) -- The suspect in Friday's chase through the streets of Paris was a cow.

He was on the loose and ended up on the run with at least four patrol cars in hot pursuit.

He nearly took out a bystander, became a marketing tool for a local business and had a good run for several hours, before the chase came to an end.

"If you're living in a rural area and you've got livestock and people, they're going to mix it up every now and then," said police chief Bob Hundley.

That's exactly what happened when a young cow got loose around four Friday afternoon, knocking someone over as it was being loaded into a sale barn on Pine Bluff street.

"I park exactly where the steer jumps and I may have had a claim on my own vehicle if I was parked there," said Ken Woodby, a local insurance adjuster.

As the cow crossed Lamar Avenue, it encountered a pedestrian and much to the delight of the internet...

"Poor guy was just walking down the street, minding his own business and got run over by the cow," said Hundley.

The cow jumped over

Thankfully police tell us he wasn't hurt but it didn't slow the bovine down a bit.

"And my phone started blowing up with people saying hey have you seen the video of the cow loose in front of your office," said Woodby.

In fact, the cow managed to evade officers that day, after leading them on a scrawling path through town and heavily traveled areas.

"There's lots of heavily wooded areas, pastures and woods, that type of thing. So they thought okay, it's settled down, it's out of traffic. We'll back off and see if it comes back out," said Hundley.

The cow made it on the run for over 24 hours, until it was hit and killed by a car on east 82, around three miles east of where police last saw it.

"Obviously, you'll see some cows loose on the highway every once in a while but in the middle of the town, no. So it was kind of unique," said Woodby.

Now Woodby is milking the situation for all it's worth, even using a screen shot of the video with a clever caption on social media.

"I though I could have some fun with it, you know, say, 'hey, if something hits you like this, check with Woodby insurance," said Woodby.

For police, the involuntary cattle drive was just another day's work.

"That was a Friday in Paris, Texas I'm afraid," said Hundley.

The people in the car that hit the cow were not hurt.

Police were unsure of what will happen to the cow's body but did say many times in a situation like this, it would be against health code to process the animal for consumption.