Gainesville Police: 4 skimmers found in 2018

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GAINESVILLE, Tex. (KXII) - Early last year the credit data company FICO reported the number of compromised ATM's and point of sale devices rose 8 percent.

Gainesville had four cases of credit card skimmers last year.

Local gas station clerk Brenda Campbell talked about her preferences when paying for gas.

"I prefer to come inside just because, I mean you can hack people's cell phones, why not hack a gas pump you know."

A Gainesville Police spokesperson says to always look for signs of tampering around the credit card terminal.

Campbell, among other clerks said one of their daily tasks is to seal and check the credit card terminals at the pumps.

"We check the pumps and the trash cans every hour to two hours."

Credit card skimming usually happens at gas pumps and even ATM's.

A small device is inserted by thieves where you swipe your card, immediately storing all your information.

"A lot of people are nervous about it, and a lot of people are scared about their receipts but we take care of the receipts too, we have a shredder in the office," Campbell said.

Others like Gainesville resident Vernon Wertz say they aren't worried about the skimmers.

"No I just pay at the pump, I don't ever have time to go inside."

Gainesville Police say no arrests have been made.