Crews repair road damaged by water main break in Sherman

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- A large water main break damaged a busy road in Sherman during the weekend.

Drivers along Gallagher Street in Sherman say there is an apparent sinkhole near Calais Road.

"It is a dip!" driver Tina Polk said. "It is like you have to stop completely because you are going in a big hole."

Others say the damaged stretch of road causes traffic.

"It is slow and the cars behind you have to come to a complete stop until you can get through it," Polk said.

City spokespersons said an 18 inch water pipe busted over the weekend and the water washed out part of the road.

"Crews went in on Monday and put in a base and they allowed the soil to settle for a couple days and today they went in with an asphalt cover," spokesperson Nate Strauch said.

Crews were finishing up the job Thursday afternoon but the city says they can't promise this won't happen again because of the aging infrastructure.

"It is an area where we need to get out there and replace those water mains," Strauch said. "Those plans aren't imminent but we have had problems there before and could see it again."

Drivers are asked to use caution and have patience while in the area.

"Business is really popping out here and that street is really busy so it is causing a lot of traffic," Polk said.

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