Dallas Street Choir sings in Texoma

Published: Sep. 15, 2019 at 2:54 PM CDT
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A Dallas choir traveled up to Denison to perform for the community Saturday afternoon.

The Dallas Street Choir performed at Waples United Methodist Church.

They've been performing for five years now, but it's the adversity they face off the stage that sets them apart.

"It's just really a passion for all of us who are involved to change the face of homeless. To say that we are a community with love, with heart, with talent, and that we're worthy of consideration," said founder Jonathan Palant.

Palant said more than half of the members live in shelters and the rest on the streets of Dallas.

On Wednesday mornings, they join together for choir practice, something Debra Scott looks forward to every week.

"I can't say enough about our director, Jonathan Palant. He so passionately believes in bringing out the best of us. And for some of the members of the choir, he's exposed them to better," Scott said.

She's been in the choir for three years and said it's restored her self-esteem.

"Experiencing homelessness is not the end of the world. It's all about how you choose to respond to your adversity. You can either be bitter or be better," Scott said.

Palant leads them as conductor for every rehearsal and performance and said the experience gives choir members confidence.

"We have singers who come to me and say 'can you help me with a job application?' We have singers who put this on their resume and say that they've been a member of the Dallas Street Choir for 5 years. And that is something that is so important," Palant said.

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