New company streaming its way to Denison

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - A new company is streaming its way to Denison, as it was announced Thursday afternoon to a crowd at the Denison Chamber of Commerce.

Dallas-based Swagit Productions is making its way to Denison.

Co-founder Bryan Halley lives in Texoma. He's says he's proud the company will create 40 new jobs.

"These governments hire us to get their message out to residents, and so that tax dollar is paying us and being able to return that to the community, its a win win for the community," Halley said.

The company will focus on video streaming and other broadcast options for local, state and government agencies.

"So we're that middle man that helps residents access their government more efficiently, gives them access to council meetings, planning and zoning," Halley added.

Halley says the company will be based in a 10,000 square foot facility which is located on FM 84, once used as a rehab center for the Texoma Medical Center.

The facility will also be used as an emergency backup to Swagit's headquarters in Dallas.

Denison Development Alliance President Tony Kaai said it took about a year to get Swagit to come to Denison.

"We're really excited about what they've done as a young company and we think the future is super bright for them and this community," Kai said.

Halley said the goal is to begin hiring in late winter and have positions starting in the spring.