Davis officers train with simulator for real life dangerous situations

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DAVIS, Okla. (KXII) -- Domestic disputes, traffic stops, patrol calls, armed robberies and active shooters. Davis Police officers trained for situations in which they may have to use deadly force.

"I was kind of expecting it to bring up my stress levels because my assistant chief told me that it was real life," says Davis Police Officer Morgan Stewart.

The Oklahoma Municipal Assuance Group, which is designed to be an insurance carrier for municipalities, brought in a computer system to put Davis officers through this high tech simulated course...

"It appears that the system is actually listening to them and actually reacting to what they say," says OMAG Law Enforcement Specialist Billy Carter.

Each officer says after they're done with their training sessions, their hearts are beating fast.

"I kept a level head during it and I didn't think I would and I think I could take that in the real world," says Officer Stewart. "And if I ever have to be in a situation like that, I can keep my cool and calmness because I've gone through a situation like that."

"It's hard to recreate the stress that you feel on some real calls," says Davis Assistant Chief of Police Dee Gregory. "Some domestics, traffic stops that go wrong."

Assistant Chief Gregory says he wants his officers prepared for any event. He says the sniper attack on five Dallas police officers back in July was too close to home.

"That's why police officers wear the gear they wear to work," says Assistant Chief Gregory. "If the world was safe we wouldn't wear bullet proof vests to work."

Gregory says this simulation was provided at no charge for the department and he says it shows the community that they're ready to protect and serve.

"On the flip side of that, we want the bad guys in the community to know that we know how to deal with them," says Assistant Chief Gregory.

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