Davis police investigating church burglary

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DAVIS, Okla. (KXII) -- "It was just a sense of, really is this happening," Pastor Lance Whaley said.

Pastor Whaley says that's how he felt after finding out his church had been burglarized.

Davis Police say it happened between Sunday night Monday morning.

"It looks like they had taken two guitars, two Wii gaming consoles, some cases of candy," Davis Police Chief Dan Cooper said.

Two laptops were also stolen as well as the pastor's baseball card and quarter collection.

"Personal items from mission trips to Africa and Israel that aren't worth hardly anything, but they're priceless to me," Whaley said.

Chief Cooper says the burglars got inside by using the fire escape and breaking into an open window on the second floor.

Cooper says the suspects could be juveniles.

"Whoever the person was that went through the window had to be very small build, not very big, because they had to climb off the roof and then through the window," Cooper said.

Pastor Whaley says he's just glad no one was hurt in light of the recent church massacre in Texas over the weekend.

"Things can be replaced, but people can't," Whaley said.

"Growing up the church hardly ever locked its doors," Cooper said, "if you was out playing and needed a drink of water you could go into the church and cool off get a drink, [and] go on you know visit. "But now it's not like that anymore."

Pastor Whaley has a message for the thieves.

"I wish you would've came to us instead of breaking into us," He said.

If you have information call Davis police.