Early voting shows Democratic turnout up 80 percent in Grayson County

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- Early voting wrapped up Friday in Texas, and on Tuesday, thousands more people are expected to cast their vote in the Texas primary election.

Statewide, there were more Democrats than Republicans that voted in early voting in the most populous counties in the state according to the state election board.

Grayson County is seeing similar trends. Of the 6,100 people early voted in-person in the county. 900 of those were Democrat.

In 2014, which was the last comparable election, 500 Democrats had cast a ballot at this point in the election. That's an 80 percent increase.

"We have some local races as well as statewide races, and that's driving our voters to the poll because they wanna be part of the solution," said Glenn Melancon, the chairman for the Grayson County Democratic party.

There was about a 10 percent increase in Republican voter turnout compared to 2014.

"I'm hoping the Democrats, just like us, want to support their candidate, and that is why they're showing up with greater numbers this year," said Grayson County Republican Chairwoman Barbara Woodroof. "I don't think it's going to have any effect on our outcome."

Woodroof said she's excited despite the numbers showing an increased Democratic turnout.

"We've had such a great number of individuals running this time, and I think it gives people the opportunity to look at who's running and make some really good choices as to who's going to help us with all the issues here in Texas," Woodroof said.

Melancon said the early results show people are ready for a change.

"Every vote counts, and you can make a difference right here in Grayson County by being a part of the solution," Melancon said.

We've posted some links to sample ballots and voting websites.

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