Demonstration slated in support of 12-year-old trans girl

Published: Aug. 13, 2018 at 10:57 PM CDT
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They'll be holding signs in support of Maddie but no one is quite sure how large of a gathering it will be.

Organizers have planned it for early Tuesday morning.

They say they think the best way to reach the ears of the people who have threatened Maddie and her family is silence.

So Tuesday morning they won't say a word.

Groups from all over the state and the country have reached out to Maddie's family and the school district offering resources, sensitivity training and even protection.

LGBTQ Advocate Ari James in Ardmore says many youth who come out during their youth end up living on the streets because they are not accepted, or worse, killing themselves.

"People seem to have the idea that violence, threats of violence are something that they can say and then take it back and that it doesn't carry any weight but this is very real thing," said James.

Darius Douglas knows the pain people in this community can face and says that is one of the reasons showing up Tuesday morning to support Maddie is so important to him.

"We just want to raise awareness for Maddie and her family, that they do have support, although we don't stay there in the area. we just want them to know that," said Douglas.