Denison High School holds parade for 2020 graduates

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - No prom, no final season of spring sports, just about everything that comes on the spring calendar at any high school was effectively canceled due to the coronavirus.

Denison High School is no exception.

"I'm in a play, so I'm going to miss out on the last one so that bummed me out," said senior Albany Martin.

But things were put into perspective.

"But then I kind of realized, you know we're saving people's lives so that's more important," said Martin.

However, Denison High School wanted to send their seniors off with one more memory before they all graduate.

The 287 graduates were asked to come by the school in their cars to pick up their cap and gown, yard signs with their faces on them, and send a farewell to the teachers.

One family even put a giant mask over the front of their car.

"It was my mom, it was all her idea. I came home and I'm just like 'oh we're doing this? Okay sounds good.' If its a competition I hope we win," said the soon-to-be Denison grad.

Not the senior year anyone was expecting, but these near-graduates are thankful for this last ride.

"It feels crazy, like I don't even know. I'm speechless," said Danielle Sanchez.

"This is very unique and I love it. This makes me feel very special and I'm really happy I got to do something like this," said Martin.

Denison's graduation will be held June 13th.