Denison ISD and city council get together to discuss growth

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - Denison ISD and City Council got together Monday for the first time in recent years. The meeting focused primarily on growth, and getting both groups together to talk about how the city can manage the increasing population.

Denison I-S-D announced their 10 - year master facility plan, which involves pinpointing areas of major growth and figuring out how to properly zone their district to accommodate it.

City manager Judson Rex said the two have always had a great relationship.

"Getting the two governing bodies together is really important," Rex said. "So that as the community moves forward we can move forward together, and I think that's what this meeting represents."

Denison Director of community engagement Sunny Mackey said that this meeting is a way for the two to share ideas.

"There's always new innovative ways to accomplish things," Mackey said. "So working together just opens that up and allows us to see other perspectives."

The two board plan to get together again in February.