Denison ISD board of trustees push for voter participation

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- "A lot of people, educators too, are apathetic about voting," said Denison ISD Board of Trustees President Randy Sedlacek.

The Denison school board wants to create what they call a "culture of voting".

"Yes it's important that our employees have a culture of voting so we can get people to vote on important matters," said Sedlacek.

The resolution, which was adopted on Tuesday, comes from the Txas Association of School Boards.

The school board said the resolution recommends school administrators to inform students and teachers, via emails or assemblies about when and were you can vote, the candidates and issues that will be voted on.

"Study the issues, study the candidates and hopefully if they're a proponent of students and public education they're going to vote for pro-education candidates," said Sedlacek.

We spoke with parents around town who agree with the school's idea to promote going to the polls.

"Research the people who you are voting for and voting against," said Jennifer Clark. "That's very important."

"I think its good," said Michele Phillips. "To teach them early that it's their responsibility and that they shouldn't gripe if they didn't go out and participate."

But before you go to the polls, Sedlacek said to research the issues and candidates and teach your children to do the same.

"They're going to be the leaders of tomorrow and hopefully they will stay in our communities," said Sedlacek. "And make it better than what we left it and we can do that by voting."

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