Denison ISD school board considers elementary school expansions

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII)- Areas around Mayes and Hyde Park Elementary Schools are part of the proposed expansion, and folks around town are split on whether they are ok with having to pay more property taxes to get this done.

"We're taxed, taxed, taxed, taxed, taxed, taxed, and taxed some more to the point where people are having a hard time making it around here anyway," said Denison resident Brian Lancaster.

LanCaster works in construction, and says some of his clients didn't want to build in Denison because of the property tax rates.

"I'm all for helping the schools, but to ask people to raise them again, I don't think its a good idea," said LanCaster.

However Denison homeowner Dean Schultz doesn't mind paying more.

"As long as they use it responsibly, if the schools are at capacity, its a growth area just like everywhere else," said Schultz.

The school board would borrow about $21 million, and raise taxes three cents per $100 your property is worth.

That means if you live in a $100,000 home, you will pay $30 more on property tax a year.

"I think its the most cost-effective way to deal with additional space, and to meet our needs for the next anywhere between 8-10 years, hopefully," said Denison ISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott.

In the recommendation, the schools will add on new cafeterias, additional classrooms, and parking.

Dr. Scott says the school district has grown 5%, about 228 students over the past ten years.

"We've got to have this space, doing nothing is really not an option. We can bring portable buildings in to offset the space needs, but that's not a good plan," said Dr. Scott.

"Thirty bucks a month extra, that's to be expected. We could use the roads too but for the schools, if they need it, they gotta have it," said Schultz.

Denison ISD school board will meet July 15 to go over the expansion proposal.