Denison ISD sees increase in enrollment

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- There is excitement at Denison ISD as they have seen more and more students enrolling into their schools.

"The increase in enrollment is a positive thing for our district," Denison ISD Director of Assessment and Special Programs Regina Prigge said. "We're excited to be seeing new families move into the area and our enrollment grow at each campus."

The school district has seen an increase of 132 students compared to last year.

Five years ago, many of the schools in Denison renovated their facilities in anticipation of the enrollment numbers to continue to go up.

The school district is ready for more students to fill to their classrooms.

"Currently, we have the facilities and the capacity house our most recent growth," Prigge said. "Our superintendent Dr. Scott and the board are keeping an eye on our enrollment numbers."

B. McDaniel Intermediate School was one of those schools who saw renovations after they changed to teaching fifth and sixth graders.

They say they have the room to welcome in more students.

"So we got room to grow and as the growth comes, we'll have to unmark by those rooms and had the renovations done to those particular areas, but there is some room here for growth," B.McDaniel Intermediate School Principal Alvis Dunlap said.

There are several key factors that have played a role in the enrollment increase.

"Most recently, watching the new housing development, the entertainment opportunities that are coming into the area, different businesses that are bringing growth to our community is exciting," Prigge said.

Educators at Denison see this as an opportunity to help educate more students in the right environment.

"That gives us more opportunity, more kids to work with and more opportunities to provide a positive education for our kids," Dunlap said.

Dunlap told us that during their principal meetings, they have discussed that the district is looking into the possibility of building another elementary school for the future.