Denison ISD launches summer meal program

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According to the Texas Education Agency, about 46% of children in Grayson County are eligible for free meals.

That's why Denison ISD is doing their part in helping kids in the area by starting up their summer meal program.

Now this is the first summer that Denison ISD is including delivery to the variety of locations as they serve anything from sandwiches to burgers to salads for children under 18.

Locations of those deliveries include Legacy Park, the Denison Housing Authority on Tower Lane and 8th Street, Waples United Methodist Church, and Hyde Park Elementary.

They also have three different locations where they will be serving breakfast and lunch in the school's cafeterias...those locations include Mayes Elementary, B. McDaniel Intermediate, and Denison High School.

The program started on Monday and will be continuing until July 28th.

For those involved in the program, they know the importance of this meal program to kids around Denison.

"And the kids around here, we need to get this out to the kids here because the kids really need help around here. And all they have to do is meet the bus at these locations and we will be right there on different times and they can get the schedule on the website."

Now turnout has been slow to start with the program so Denison ISD is asking for those who need help to come out and they will help out.

Here is a schedule of Denison ISD's summer meal program:

Legacy Park from 10:15-10:45
Denison Housing Authority 8th Street from 7:45-8:05 and 11:45-12:15
Denison Housing Authority Tower Lane from 8:15-8:30 and 11-11:30
Waple United Methodist Church 8:45-9:00 and 2:00-2:20 in the afternoon
Hyde Park Elementary North Parking Lot from 9:30-9:45 and 12:30-1:00

Meals will also be served at Mayes Elementary and B. McDaniel Intermediate at 7:45-9:00 and at 11:00-12:45, Denison High School serves lunch from 11-12:45.

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