Denison ISD teachers and staff to receive pay raises this year

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - Denison ISD teachers found out about their pay raise in a meeting with superintendent Dr. Henry Scott last week, and those teachers are coming back to school this year with a little more excited than usual.

"We're getting a nice chunk of change, all the teachers are buzzing about this," said Denison High School history teacher Roger Mitchell.

Mitchell says he plans on using the extra money to enroll his daughter in dance lessons.

"Everybody's wheels were spinning, 'I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that'. We canceled the protest at Gov. Abbot's house. No not really, we weren't going to protest. But we are excited the legislature, and the governor, and Austin came through," said Mitchell.

Denison ISD announced all teachers, librarians, nurses, and counselors with less than five years of experience will receive a $2,500 salary increase.

Those with more than five years of experience will receive a $3,000 increase.

Dr. Scott says giving teachers a pay raise of this magnitude has been a priority for years.

"The legislature gave us more money, they dictated that we spend 30% of any new money for raises for teachers and paraprofessionals. But what we did, working with the board, we spent about $1.5 million," said Dr. Scott.

Maintenance, custodial staff, bus drivers, and food service employees will also see a one dollar per hour increase.

Dr. Scott says the pay raise was unanimously approved at the school board meeting two weeks ago, and for the final step to confirm it all, the budget meeting next week, and he expects the same outcome.

Dr. Scott says teachers should notice their pay raise in their checks in September.